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woman dealing with existential crisis
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Existential Psychotherapy

  In Existential Psychotherapy, attention is paid to the human condition as a whole, hence the term existential. To a certain extent, It is part of the Positive Psychology school which emphasizes not only our capacity for happiness and well-being, but also our capacity to work toward our dreams and aspirations. Existential psychology also works …

Sophie Elatri Private Practice
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Sophie Elatri Psychologist

What I offer: I am a qualified psychologist. I offer treatment, in the form of therapy, for mental health problems such as anxiety, depression, stress, chronic pain, addiction issues. I also see people who are struggling to deal with life crises, or adjust to life’s demands. I also provide coaching in order to reach a specific …

school bullying
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School bullying and your child

 School bullying: What are the short and long term effects School bullying is a growing problem in today’s schools and neighborhoods. Any parent is aware of the possibility that their child may be bullied at some point in their lives. Parents wonder how they can protect their child from bullying or better prepare them.  For …