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personal development and well-being

personal development and well-being

Hi, my name is Sophie and I’m here to share with you information about personal development, well-being and psychology in general. I’m a Psychologist and I feel it’s important to share the information I’ve collected over the years. Whilst trying to get information on internet, I’ve found that there is no one-stop shop and I’ve tried to create here what I would have enjoyed finding on the net.

So what is this site about? My posts and articles are categorized into one of four areas:

  1. Practical factsheets. Here you will find information about acquiring new skills in personal development, for example, better time management or forming more efficient habits. You’ll also find information about how to alleviate distressing symptoms, thus going toward a better lifestyle, for example how to fight useless worry or combat food cravings.
  2. Information pool. These are articles that present the most recent scientific findings in the field of psychology (pertaining to personal development and well-being). I select only the information coming from sound sources (international scientific reviews and journals) and written by academic staff and renowned psychologists and coaches.
  3. Book reviews. These are posts that review the self-help books you are likely to find in the bookstores.
  4. Personal diary. These are posts to do with my private practice and my thoughts on certain issues. That way, you’ll get to know me better !
  5. I sometimes have guests write articles and in this case, their articles fall under one of the above categories.

And in turn, I hope I’ll get to know you better through your comments to my articles. I really hope you’ll enjoy reading them as much as I enjoy writing them. Please feel free to comment on anything you like. Or you can also ask me questions to do with the field of psychology. If you wish to comment, please sign up first. It only takes a minute.

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